There is a massive range of archery gear available from childrens toys, home made, wooden, aluminium, carbon... right through to state of the art elite equipment. This can make choosing the right equipment overwhelming.

Unfortunately some people come to the club after puchasing unsuitable equipment which can be frustrating and a waste of money. We have experienced coaches who will recommend appropriate equipment to suit the archer and level of development.

Set up cost can vary, however as a guide, equipment may range from $600 for a junior archer and $1,000 for a senior archer.


It is possible to hire equipment from the club, however you would need to book this in advance, as the equipment is not stored at the club. It is advisable that archers purchase their own equipment as soon as possible.


The club does not sell equipment however we will do our best to find the most economical and tailored solution for the individuals need. The instructor will provide recommendations regarding suitable equipment purchase.

Second Hand

We do not recommend you purchase from eBay or general sports or outdoor type stores. Purchasing second hand equipment is also not recommended unless its history is known.

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